Tiffany Marsh

Tiffany is a licensed massage therapist, Birth & Postpartum Doula, who has also trained in natural remedies. She started her RIC training in September 2023. Since then, she has been working tirelessly to learn our system of care. We are truly blessed to have Tiffany with her skills, work ethic, kindness, gentleness, and understanding of most food allergies added to our team.

“Since 2007 I have had a desire to study and understand the needs and development of expectant mothers and their growing babies. I am studying and aim to complete a doctorate degree in original medicine and become a midwife. – Tiffany

Cooking with plant-based ingredients and experimenting in the kitchen is one of her many enjoyments. She loves spending time in the great outdoors, watching birds, listening to the streams, and just enjoying God’s beautiful creation. 

She loves caring for children and watching them grow. She considers it an honor to have the opportunity to work with each family and help them be successful with their goals and precious new babies.

“Tiffany was such a peaceful, kind and caring Baby Nurse for our newborn daughter. She was a calming presence in our home and helped not only with our daughter, but also with our toddler son. She was eager to help in any way she could and did a great job cooking nutritious meals. I felt well supported & comforted having her in our home for the post-partum period.”

Megan Chenoweth

Birmingham, AL - 2024

“Tiffany was an amazing light in my house after I had my second baby; two boys under two, being celiac, and healing from a C-section. She not only took care of the newborn but also took care of me as a momma and she played with the older brother. On top of it all she cooked meals and did laundry. Tiffany is someone my family will never forget, we love her!”

Amanda Rice

Birmingham, AL – 2024

“Tiffany has been an absolute joy to have around during these first two weeks postpartum. She is so knowledgeable, willing to learn and it’s evident that she’s a hard worker, putting 110% into everything she does. She has not only cared for my twins, but she has also looked after me so well by nourishing me with nutrient dense food and given me so much strength during the challenging, emotional moments of early postpartum. I so appreciate everything she has done for my family during her time with us and I will miss her when she leaves.”

Madison Everette

Raleigh, NC - 2024