Empowering Families

Reserve your Infant Care professional to live with you and your family for the first weeks or months after your baby’s arrival. Our Infant Care Specialists will help you rest and recover by getting your newborn on a routine and giving you the highest quality of care. 

Our Baby First approach will put your mind at ease so you can rest, relax, and recover.  .

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Rest and Recover

Your Infant Care provider will help you Rest and Recover while teaching you about

  • Newborn babies Needs
  • Importance of Proper Nutrition and Rest
  • Breastfeeding or best Bottle Feeding Practices
  • Baby sleeping and eating routines
  • Sponge bathing and tub baths
  • Special needs of Premature Babies
  • Care for multiples

Your Baby Care Provider’s Job Is

  • Assisting you with Breast-feeding
  • Preparing bottles
  • Feeding baby
  • Getting baby on a good feeding and sleeping routine
  • Giving sponge baths, tub baths once cord falls off
  • Baby Massage
  • Total Night care so you can sleep
  • Doing the baby’s laundry
  • Cleaning the nursery
  • Making sure you get proper nutrition through meal planning and a special smoothie
  • Preparing dinner for your family to ease your work load
  • Light house work (example: helping with the dishes, etc.)

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