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Baby First

Our Baby First program makes sure that everything infant related is your caregivers first priority!! She will feed, burp, diaper, bathe, wash baby’s clothes and bottles, do all the night feedings, and help get baby’s days and nights in the right order while working towards your ideal schedule for baby and family.

Mommy Next

Our Second Priority is Mommy!! After baby is all cared for your Infant Care provider will make sure that Mommy is getting a healthy breakfast, lunch, and our special recovery smoothie. She will also make dinner for the family 3-4 times a week if time allows.

Easy Communication

We are here to answer your questions and tailor your care to the best of our ability to meet your needs. You can reach Rachel personally anytime before and after your baby is born!

Happy, Thankful Clients


Thank you so much for taking such good care of Robert when I couldn’t. I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I started feeling good again. John and I also really appreciate you taking care of me! We learned so much from you and are doing our best to keep to it all! Thanks again & we enjoyed having you!”

Meredith B.

Birmingham, AL – 2017

“Dearest Rachel, 

Thank you for loving our children like your own. You are truly the best and we may have to have a third just so we can have you back!”

Katherine & Jamie J.

Birmingham, AL – 2022


Jose and I cannot thank you enough for coming all the way down to Douglas to help our little family. Your presence has been so calming and wonderful to be around. We have truly enjoyed having you in our home and learning from you. Your guidance has helped me stay as calm as I am capable of being! LOL. Betty Sue (sourdough starter) and I will be holding down the fort, and keeping the family fed until the next time you come! Thank you again for everything!” 

Adrienne F.

Douglas, GA – 2021

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