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Terms of Service – Your Infant Care Provider will not give medical advice or treatment to baby, mother, or anyone else. We are not qualified to give such advice. However, they will answer your questions according to their opinion from their experience and education in new mother and infant care. Rachel's Infant Care is a Postpartum Recovery Care Placement Agency. We charge a non-refundable placement fee for our placement services. This fee insures you will have a caregiver at the date you requested. If your baby arrives early, or late we still do our best to get your chosen care provider to you within 48 hours of your discharge from the hospital. If your care provider is not available, we will set you up with a care provider that best matches your chosen provider in skill and personality. Travel is invoiced at a rate of $0.55 a mile round trip (to and from your home) OR round-trip airfare plus $100. There is an eight (8) day minimum which you will be charged a per day rate (Call Rachel to find out your per day rate - 770.597.8330) to be paid within 2 days of receiving the invoice. If you are reserving more than 6 weeks of care a deposit will be required to hold your place on your chosen caregiver’s calendar. Your Care Provider is NOT your maid. The Care Provider’s job description can be emailed to your upon request. If you choose to have her do heavy housework like cleaning the bathrooms, you will be charged accordingly. We the parents will not sue the Infant Care Provider or Rachel's Infant Care if an accident occurs while they are in our home.


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