Mechee Cherine

“Coming from a family of 7 children, me being number 4, I had the opportunity to be involved in the daily care of my younger siblings. The seed was planted for birth and postpartum care when in my early years of college, I had girl-friends who afforded me the opportunity to be at their babies’ births and assist in the first weeks home from the hospital. 

I ventured into birth doula, breastfeeding, and midwifery assistant training. After I assisted in my first homebirth, I knew that this field was dear to my heart and was my true calling. 

Although I took all these trainings, I never completed the final step into certification until this year. (2024) As God connected me to Rachel’s Infant Care, I knew that my prayers were answered. I love ministry and serving is in my DNA. I knew it was time to go all the way as I transitioned into this professional role as a caregiver with this awesome team!” – Mechee


Mechee aspires to be a Midwife, is in the process of completing her certification course as a Lactation Consultant, Perinatal Nutrition Educator, and Newborn Sleep Specialist. She enjoys cooking beautiful nutritious meals, taking baby on walks, supporting and empowering you as new parents, and learning new skills so she can serve more families individual needs. 


“We are blessed to have Mechee as part of our team here at Rachel’s Infant Care. I personally was able to conduct Mechee’s first in home training experience and all I can say is “wow”!! What a blessing this lady is! She is still completing the training process but is doing excellent individual care for each new mother and baby and is such a willing learner that her “training period” will fly by in no time!” -Rachel

“Mechee is an upbeat and attentive baby nurse who we were blessed to have with us for 4 weeks. She is great with both newborns and their siblings (our toddler loved her). She is an all around joyful presence during a time that includes so much change. The things that were most helpful were the nutrient dense breakfasts every day for both myself and my toddler. Managing the baby’s sleep schedule and sleep training him to a 12-hour night sleep – Didn’t think it was possible!”

Ashley S.

Murfreesboro, TN – 2024


Thank you for taking such good care of JR & us. You have been a joy to be around. We wish you safe travels. God Bless You!”


Douglas, GA – 2024, (first training job with Rachel)